It began as a quest to find a great cup of coffee. Along the journey we decided that we wanted a bit more out of what the coffee industry could offer and recognized the lack of beverage services supporting local events and special occasions. It was not long before we decided to offer catering services centered around the growing popularity of beverage service events.

Our Mission

Every company needs a dream. Ours is to help those who have a great cause and a clear path to get there. For years while serving in the military, my passion was helping those in need. From the beginning we have set out to make that same difference, assisting those struggling to make this world a better place for themselves and those around them.

Hawaii Coffee & Tea Catering donates to reputable, effective charities and organizations. Each year we select an organization and contribute to. HCTC has a sincere dedication to the betterment of families everywhere.

"Coffee is the vehicle, our passion, and we work hard every day to make it a great experience for each of our customers"

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